Photo shoot

What is a photo shoot?

While in France the term shooting is used to refer to a photo shoot, in other countries the term shooting is the equivalent of the word shooting and the term photo shoot is used to refer to a photo shoot. How's it going, are you following?

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What are the different types of photo shoot?

Among the main types of photo shoots are:

  • model shoots (a term used for amateurs) and mannequins (a term used for professionals) so that they can build up or improve their book.
    Fashion photographer shooting book lea worthy of the baths
  • pregnancy shoots where the mother's belly is highlighted and where the sessions take place in their home, in the studio, outdoors.
    Pregnancy photo shoot at home
  • Baby shoots, are the continuation of pregnancy shoots where you must have had at least one child or be extremely gentle in order to know how to handle babies.
  • Couple shoots are usually initiated by one of the two people for a gift, a birthday or just do it to stake their relationship.
  • Engagement (or pre-wedding) shoots are usually made to use the photos on the mailings sent to the families and friends of the bride and groom.
  • packshot shoots, usually the term "packshot" refers to the chain shooting of a number of products to illustrate the products in the catalogs. As a photographer you can expect to have to take pictures of the products one after the other, placed in front of a white background.
    the shooting packshot I made for Infinity Monte Carlo.
  • culinary shoots where the goal is to highlight a dish, a cake, prepared foods, … in short everything related to cooking, pastry, bakery, …
    Culinary photo shoot - VIP Chocolates - Christmas box set 2019Culinary Photo Session - VIP Chocolates - Milky TruffleSCulinary photo shoot - VIP Chocolates - Apple Pécanee
    the culinary photo shoot for VIP Chocolates.
  • the shoots produced where unlike packshot shoots, the product is generally more luxurious and almost single-hand deserves a photo shoot. The product is staged with a rather complex background and lighting, different objects related to the product that allow to put the person who visualizes the photo to immediately project into the scene.
  • larger ojet shoots such as vehicles, boats, planes, … where location and staging are particularly important.

How does a photo shoot work?

So there of course it all depends on the type of shooting but what we can remember is that usually each photo shoot requires a minimum of technical, logistical, artistic preparation, …

Indeed, you have to know what to take in the picture of course, then the selection of the necessary photo equipment (boxes and lenses), or even lighting equipment, to perform all the necessary framing and lighting effects.

Then we decide the location of the photo shoot, if there is a need for equipment in particular, need assistants who will help set up or manipulate the different objects, …

Finally, the session goes more or less as planned and it is the experience that allows to catch up with the likely unforeseen events so that the shoot ends as originally agreed.

What's next?

Well the photographer returns to his studio, his office or his home and exports all the photos on his computer and according to his computer installation performs at the same time a backup of the said photos in order to avoid the worst …

Generally, photographers first sort out photos that would be less good because the framing, light, a more or less visible detail would not allow the photos to be selected and sent to the client.

As soon as the photos are sorted, they will be optimized if necessary in terms of brightness, contrast, high and low lights, … in short according to the "photographer's eye" and/or the client's recommen
dations. Depending on the need there will be a need to re-enter professional editing software to correct certain areas of the photos.

Finally, according to the agreement between the photographer and the third party, the photos will be given in digital or paper form, sent digitally or by mail, …

In conclusion

The profession of photographer is a profession of passion where every day does not resemble the previous one.
Admittedly, every photo shoot probably won't be total ecstasy but will save enough money to either come across a totally awesome customer request or, failing that, either do even the photo shoot or spend time on one or several personal projects.

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