Fashion photo shoot in Nice with Lucy

Lucy is a London Instagrammer who was visiting Nice and wanted to find a fashion photographer to do a photo shoot to complete her Instagram page.

Photo shoot in Cannes with Lucy

Preparing for the fashion photo shoot in Nice

After looking at the various photos on my site, social networks and my book, she contacted me by email and we were able to define the terms of the shoot as well as the outfits she will bring and the places where we will photo shoot.
We agreed to do the shoot on a weekday because there are definitely more people at the end of the week.

So we started the photo shoot around 9am on the beach along the Promenade des Anglais for three different reasons:

  1. – There are very few people on the beach at this time, which allows the model not to feel dull especially by men (yes, we always come across at least a relou but hey it is quickly managed and forgotten)
  2. – It also allows you not to have these people in the field (this saves me from having to remove them on each of the photos)
  3. – Third reason and not least: the brightness of the sun is not yet too strong. And yes, strong contrasts as well as shadows are difficult to counterbalance when the sun begins to be high in the sky.

Fashion Photo shoot on Nice beach

So here we are for the photo shoot on the beach.

Swimsuit photo shoot in Nice with Lucy

Lucy had taken a number of swimsuits as well as loincloths to vary the moods of the photos. It
changed three or four times and we advanced along the beach of the Promenade des Anglais towards Old Nice.

Fashion Photo shoot in Old Nice

And yes from the beach to the alleys of Old Nice, you almost have to go through the Cours Saleya and its typical market. It was really nice because the market is also well colored and as it was a weekday, it was not too many people. Lucy took the opportunity to change outfits three times to vary the mood and style.

Fashion Photo shoot at Nice Castle

What I love about Nice is the possibility of having a number of places that are totally different and that create special atmospheres: the beach of the promenade des Anglais, the Old Nice, the Castle, the arbour, the coulée verte, …

Photo shoot at Nice Castle with Lucy

So we chose to continue the photo shoot at the Château de Nice because there is a beautiful nature area as well as a superb high view of the sea, the arbour and Nice in general.

Lucy took the opportunity to change her outfit to take the last pictures at the Château de Nice and then back down to the Old Nice to go to the Place Massena.

Photo shoot in Massena Square

Here we are in Massena Square with the tingling of the usual passers-by.

I found it interesting to take pictures with passers-by in the background because it made more natural photos or at least photos where the second plane is less controlled.

Following the shoot in Cannes

Photo shoot in Cannes with Lucy

Since Lucy had booked the photo shoot for the day, she also wanted to do part of the shoot in Cannes. We then moved to Cannes and then we did the photo shoot part in the studio (article to come).

Here are the first photos of the photo shoot carried out in Cannes

Then she wants to do hidden topless in order to have some extra photos in the sexy fun genre.

She also wanted to do a studio photo shoot in the second part of the photo session, that’s what we did and I’ll put the link as soon as the article is online.

Rate of a photo shoot

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