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My own vision of the wedding reportage

Ah, your wedding day! So much emotions in one day!

Being a Wedding Photographer you cannot improvised and you must know how to be discreet and at the same time present, attentive, observant, creative in order to be able to capture all the things that make beautiful wedding photos: sweetness, complicity, happiness and joy!

Newlyweds photo shoot

Why do I love to do wedding photo reports? Because I do love people deeply, I like to discover them, discover what they like, what their particularities are and above all take pictures of all those little moments that reveal and magnify them.

Wedding at the Monaco Cathedral

I love to take pictures of weddings because it is a day of happiness where you can easily feel joy, love and attention towards the bride and groom and their loved one, and I think I have enough empathy to be able to capture these emotions and give them back to them Photos.

Wedding Photographer Digne-les-Bains
Making artistic photos where you feel the emotion of marriage

At ease in all situations, I know how to be present and bring you my advice at the right time, or be discreet in letting you appreciate the present time (while taking some pictures, all the same 🙂

Photo shoot at wedding

Here are some examples of photos taken during my last wedding photo reports:

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The different steps of a wedding photo report

Preparing the bride and groom
Preparing the bride and groom
At first the wedding photo report begins with the preparation of the bride and groom. We start the day in peace with the arrival of the make-up artist and the hairdresser who pamper the bride-to-be and often the bride’s relatives (mother, sister, …).
Meanwhile, the groom takes the opportunity to sink it soft because the advantage for the male gente is to be ready in 5 minutes! For my part, I circulate among the different rooms to take a picture of the bride being made up and coiffed, the groom chatting and laughing with the family members, I stage the outfits of the bride and groom as well as the famous alli I’m not going to do that.
The Town Hall
Photo of the bride and groom at the town hall
Then the hour moving slowly but surely, everyone prepares to go to the town hall or church. I take a little advance to arrive first on the premises in order to take natural pictures of the family and guests, and then of course of the bride and groom arriving in their beautiful car.
At this moment I take pictures of the bride and groom in a natural way, i.e. by not intervening because that’s when they see a lot of people they haven’t seen for a while.
Wedding rooms are different sizes and it is sometimes difficult to move around on either side of the room, but the wedding photographer experience lets you know where and when to move and especially where to post to pick up the or l important photos.
The Church / Secular Cérémony

This moment represents one of the key parts of the marriage, where one must take a set of very important photos such as the arrival of the bride, the speech of the witnesses, the child who brings the covenants, the passage of covenants, the kiss of the newlyweds, the exchanges of glances of the bride and groom, the bride and groom holding hands, the bride and groom going out into the church …
Many photos are taken at this time, and it is precisely at this moment when you have to know where to place and constantly adjust the settings of your cameras in order to be able to take these exchanges of glances, those tears of joy, these kisses Tender…
The newslyweds photos
Photo session of the bride and groom
Usually photos of the bride and groom are taken once the ceremonies are over. So the three of us take advantage of the family and guests to the place of the wine of honor to be able to make the official photos of the bride and groom.
At this stage anything is possible, and besides it is better to move in several places not too far away to be able to take pictures as natural as if the bride and groom were both like a cocoon, or funny because often the bride and groom love to do stupid things despite their dress and costume.
The Group pictures
Wedding Group Photo
No wedding without a group photo! And yes, it’s impossible to cut it! Everyone wants their picture with the bride and groom! So we find a beautiful place that can hold small large group and we take pictures of families/friends one after the other.
Wine reception
Fun wedding photo fun fun
Finally, the bride and groom can relax! And yes, it’s at this point that the pressure really goes down and everyone lets loose around a refreshment and small sandwiches to quench the thirst and hunger that is quite easily rampant in the summer. The funny photos are also made at this time because everyone is happy that the official side has passed. Anyone who likes to make faces or wear the groom or bride is also in the game and the photos also give very good memories.
I take the opportunity to take pictures of the room as well as the beautiful decoration that is put in place both at the entrance and on each of the tables.
The meal
Wedding room decoration
The meal is an opportunity to regain strength and have a good time before spending the calories taken on the dance floor. Thus each groom prepares the meal program: animations and games, screenings of funny films or powerpoint, … everyone has a stake in it.
I never take pictures during the meal because having people eating is something uninteresting, so I take the opportunity to eat with the DJ.
The opening of the ball
Prom opening for the bride and groom
In the same vein as the meal, everyone makes his prom opening in his own way: extremely serious then totally crazy, all emotional, fast or on several songs … it’s up to you to see what you’d like the most.
For my part as a wedding photographer, this is one of the emotional and/or humorous moments that I love to take, I manage to take pictures of these games of looks filled with love, or those smiles and laughter that say a lot …
Wedding first dance
Dance party at a wedding
Everyone is well repuded and can thus indulge in the pleasure of the dance floor. Everyone lets loose in their own way and I manage to take lots of mimics, laughs, exchanges of truly unforgettable looks.
The wedding cake
The wedding cake
The famous piece mounted, the highlight of the day for me, I take a picture of its arrival, the pose on the table in front of the bride and groom who take the knife to start cutting it. I take the opportunity to take some detailed photos before it is shared among the guests.

At last, the photo report of your wedding is over, the photographer lets his bride and groom finish their evening; for my part, I go home to rest and I contact the bride and groom again for the
rest. (I will soon write a page to describe the course of the sequel: sorting, selection of photos, sending, choice of pack box / USB stick, choice of photo album style, …)

The testimonials from the newlyweds

The bride and groom who trusted me are delighted as much by my performance as a photographer on D-Day as by the quality of the photos, and they let it be known: see the page that contains the testimonials of the bride and groom.

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How do I work? It’s very simple :
Edding photography is above all a human relationship that is then found in digital/paper form. The photographic report of wedding being above all a privileged relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer, it is imperative that we meet at first in order to talk about the wedding, technical, geographical details, schedules and specificities, … but also of you! And yes, you are people who have a passion, a history, a universe, and I find it interesting to talk about it together because it allows you to discover yourself together and it allows you to be closer on the wedding day!

Since each wedding is different, both in terms of schedules and locations, it is best that we can discuss it first by email or phone.

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