Wedding Photographer 04 Alpes de Haute Provence

Installed as a Photographer and Wedding Photographer since 2018 in the Alps of Haute Provence (04), wedding photography is among my favorite things that I love to do!

Marion and Baptiste's wedding - the kiss

Indeed, each wedding photo report represents for me the opportunity to magnify the photos of the bride and groom: to make beautiful, funny or filled photos while constantly renewing myself artistically.

Kissing the bride and groom before the secular ceremony

As a wedding photographer, making a wedding photo report not only requires experience because you not only have to be able to adapt constantly depending on the people, places, weather conditions, but also have a lot of empathy because you have to be able to feel emotions in order to be able to transcribe them in the photos and also you have to know how to have fun and amuse the guests in order to have live pictures and reflectalling all the emotions present during this beautiful day!

The bride arrives as she advances towards the groom

Looking for a wedding photographer in the Alps of Haute Provence, it’s good, I live there 🙂

Are you getting married in France or abroad? That’s fine becauseI like to travel 🙂

    Vous recherchez un Photographe de Mariage ?
    Vous pouvez me contacter directement par téléphone au 06 16 56 46 33 ou via le formulaire ci-dessous :

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