Nude photo shoot photographer

For me, nude photography is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. A nude photo shoot is the continuation of the lingerie boudoir photo shoot which can also be performed during the same photo shoot.

Naked photo shoots in the studio - The lascivious wait
A nude photo in the studio

Academic nude photo shoot in studio

Nude photo shoots in the studio are done as well with low key / high key effects or playing on the contours of the body, the disparity of the bodies of the models, their position, the position of the light boxes, … we already arrive a number of different photos. In short, what can be described as academic nude photos.

Studio Nude photo shooting playing with the veil

I also like to play with veils during nude photo shoots allowing to show or hide certain parts of the body and to add some visual poetry.

Artistic nude in the studio

And considering the body as a real medium of art, I also like to use material to cover it all or part during photo sessions of nude in the studio: painting, sand, flour, clay, …

As I say, the possibilities of creation are almost endless!

Outdoor Nude photo shoot

And there are also the outdoor nude photo shoots, which allow to stage the body in its environment: near the sea or in the forest in order to bring the body in line with nature or rather in an urban context to play on the quirky side e t provocative!

Indoor Nude photo shoot

The indoors nude photo shoots allow you to take pictures both at home and in another type of accommodation. This can also be done during a lingerie boudoir photo shoot
The aim is to use the decorations, the furniture and the natural light as a medium:

This is a fairly representative example of the nude photo shoots I do, knowing that this theme is constantly changing.

Below is a gallery of my nude photos:

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Price of a nude photo shoot

The price of a nude photo shoot is 200 euros.

Since I am looking for models to vary my photos and projects, you can also contact me so that we can discuss together a possible artistic collaboration and in this case the nude photo shoot would be free. The condition is that your profile matches what I’m looking for.

Selling nude photos

The most beautiful nude photos are now on sale on my shop, a very nice gift to give or to be made!

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Couple nude photo shoot

And yes, it is also possible to do a nude photo shoot as a couple, to celebrate a birthday, your meeting, your wedding, … an original and unforgettable gift for sure!

More information on the couple nude photo session

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