Benjamin MAXANT Filmmaker

Creative and versatile videographer, I support you in improving your communication through video.

Vidéo caméra et clap

As you know, video is a powerful and more effective medium than photography because it allows you to convey more complex and finer messages, to federate new customers more easily, to expand your audience, to improve your visibility on social media and internet…

There are two types of videos: those that are taken on the spot and those that are prepared.

Videos taken on the spot

Among the videos taken on the spot, we can mention those taken in reportage, event, wedding, incentive, …

Film extérieur

The important factor is preparation. Indeed I need to know as much detail as possible (places, times, specific elements to film) so that on site I can film exactly what you expect (or even more).

Being accustomed to event services, I adapt perfectly to each situation to obtain the optimum plans and provide you with quality videos that perfectly summarize the atmosphere and the small details that took place during the event.

Prepared videos

Regarding the prepared videos, we can count the presentation videos (company, corporate, institution, individual, artists, craftsmen), music videos, films…

This type of video requires more preparation beforehand to be sure that the result is up to what you want (or even better).

Vidéo tournage d'une interview

Sometimes you don’t have a precise idea of ​​the final rendering of the video. So discussing the purpose of the video, what you expect from it, what you want to show or make your audience feel, going into the details of the shots, if you want an interview, only a voice-over , intervention of third parties, etc.
This allows you to better define your video project and how it will look.

This way, on the day of shooting, the people involved (you, me, …) will know exactly what to do.
And in the end the editing will be much easier and you will finally have the video you were waiting for.

My videos

Here are my lasts posted videos:

Vidéo du magasin Le Salon

Promotional video for Le Salon store

Marie, the owner of Le Salon, contacted me because she wanted to promote her business by posting a nice presentation ...
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Vidéo Cross Training Next Step Digne les Bains

Video of the Cross Training course at Next Step Digne les Bains

Séverine the manager of the Next Step gym in Digne les Bains contacted me because she needed a video to ...
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Vidéo de l'agence Louise d'or

Video of Louise d’Or agency

Marjorie has been managing the Louise d'Or agency for more than 10 years and she asked me to help her ...
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