Couple engagement photo shoot

Do you want to do a couple photo shoot with your lover to keep your love and your complicity in pictures? Having the habit of photographing couples as well as a wedding or a dedicated photo shoot, I will know how to put you at ease to make funny and fun photos as well as to put me a little apart in order to highlight your complicity and your love.

A engagement photo shoot for the bride and groom

Want to do a binding photo shoot to send your family and friends and you want to have great photos in illustration? Just find yourself in a place that you both enjoy (forest, lake, mountain, …) and we will make all types of photos necessary for your share as well as for your personal photo album.

Photo shoot engagement trail ccap of Antibes Pins Parasol
Lovers and the sailboat

A photo shoot for lovers

And yes this photo shoot will be partly dedicated to showing the love you have for each other. To highlight these feelings in order to transcribe them in the photos, it is all the difficulty and importance of the photographer’s competence.
All these little things, those looks, those smiles, those hugs, the importance of smiles and hands … I will guide you throughout the photo shoot and tell you where to place, how to interact with your partner/ companion.
I also like to make pictures that I call cocoon photos, ie pictures where you are very close and where we see the symbiosis that there is between you two.

A photo shoot in the lavender fields

You want to have gorgeous photos of you in the lavender fields?

Couple calin au milieu de la lavande - seance photo grossesse champ lavande

I propose also a specific photo shoot in the lavender fields!
Hurry up, the moment where the flowers are beautiful is really tight, so get on this page form more information : photo shoot in the lavender fields

A fun photo shoot

Because it is also important to show the life and joy that animates your couple, I also suggest you make fun photos highlighting your own personalities and also to take fun poses (wear on your back, lying on the floor , running, …) The goal is of course to make you laugh and to capture the interaction that there is between you 🙂

Couples nude photo shoot

And yes, there are not only dressed photos, it is also possible to do a nude photo shoot as a couple.

The naked couple photo session is more focused on your complicity and in your intimacy. It shows your sensuality while remaining beautiful and artistic.

During this kind of shoot, I always propose to start dressed and then take your clothes off as you go. And once you’re comfortable you can pose naked.

Of course I adapt. In any case, there will always be one of the two who will be more comfortable than the other and who will help him/her to undress and enjoy the moment.

In addition, I show you the photos taken as I go along and you can see the results and be reassured about the emotional or artistic rendering of the photos.

Nude couple studio photo shoot

Here are some examples of couples photos:

Fancy a couple/engagement photo shoot?

The couple photo shoot can be done outdoors (forest, mountain, river, plain, beach, alleys, …) as well as indoors (studio).
In my opinion the best is to do it outdoors because it allows you to be free to move and use the space around you and also to be able to change scenery (e.g. forest and river). The couple photo shoot can also be done indoors (studio) which can be a good alternative when the weather is temperamental.
The photos are then softer, can then play on the light effects and you can bring more outfits.

The price of a couple engagement photo shoot

Recent couple/engagement photo shoots

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