Photographer for Boudoir Lingerie Intimacy photo shoots

Boudoir/lingerie/intimacy photo shoots are photo shoots that take place in a bedroom, living room or even outdoors under certain conditions.

Boudoir photo shoot with Alexie

The purpose of the boudoir/lingerie photo shoot is to highlight feminine beauty through the wearing of beautiful sartorial sets and various poses highlighting your body and highlighting your own sensuality.

Boudoir photo shoot with Alexie

So each outfit brings a different atmosphere: corsets, lingerie sets, semi-transparent blouses, soft sweaters that can open at the collar and reveal the shoulders and neck, … in short, outfits that allow to show without discovering too much the beauty of the female body.

Intimacy – Sensuality

Boudoir photo shoots usually take place indoors in the place of your choice so that you can feel as comfortable as possible and let your femininity express.

If you feel comfortable enough, lingerie boudoir photo shoots can also end with nude photo shoots.

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Reviews of people who have performed boudoir lingerie photo shoots intimacy

A very professional photographer

Photographer very pro, very nice with a quality of extra work.

Thierry D

Professional and very kind

Professionalism and unfailing kindness.
Thank you Benjamin for being the photographer that you are!

Caroline S

A kind and professionnal photographer

Irreproachable both professionally and in the relationship.

Sharlène D

A 5 stars photo shooting!

A very nice session, a photographer at the top, a superb result … I recommend!



Super rock’n’roll photo shoot!
Photo session at the top super professional!
I’ve had some much fun, it was awesome !!!
An awesome Photographer!


Super photo shoot!

Very nice, listening, it was a very rewarding experience!


Super photographer

I trust Benjamin Maxant for several photo shoots in his studio, he knows how to create an environment of confidence, the photos are sublime, super nice etc … <3

Bella Deman


Very professional and attentive. Very rewarding and friendly experience. I loved !

Léa Brugnetti

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