Video of Louise d’Or agency

Marjorie has been managing the Louise d’Or agency for more than 10 years and she asked me to help her promote her activity by allowing her a presentation video so that she can broadcast it on her website and social networks.

This video must highlight its main activity, i.e. the sale and purchase of physical gold in ingots as to present the other products it offers: second-hand jewelry as well as jewelry of creators.

We discussed his project as well as the content of the video and the shooting took place on March 26th.
She also wanted someone to act as a customer for both the sale of gold jewelry and the purchase of original jewelry.

I also took a number of shots of jewelry, ingots, gold coins, … to vary the pace of the video.

I advised him to make a fairly short video at first, especially for social networks where you need concise and quick to see content.

Here is the first video of the Louise d’Or agency:

See my video of the Louise d’Or agency on my Youtube channel:

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