Boudoir photo shoot with Marie

Marie, who used to do a lot of photo shoots, wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot with me because she liked my style and wanted to vary the style of the photos she had already done before.

Boudoir photo shoot with Marie

For boudoir photo shoots, there are two important things to respect:

  • The light source: it must come from a window or a window. Indeed, a soft light will play on the illuminated or hidden areas of your body as well by getting closer or away or swivelling.
  • The quality of the outfits is paramount: transparent blouse, bodysuit, lingerie, top, shorty, … In short, all outfits that are transparent or short will go well but you still have to bring quality clothes that will enhance your body more than a cheap garment. On the other hand, you can also take a mini shorts, tank top, t-shirt, … to make you feel more comfortable at the beginning of the photo shoot.

I could add a third point but it is not as important: makeup.
Wearing a light make-up (light foundation, light lipstick) is perfect for boudoir because the goal is to enhance your body and not necessarily your face. However you can also put on eye liner, work the eyelids and put on more farting lipstick if you want to bring a sexy atmosphere to the photos.

Boudoir photo shoot with Marie

So for this photo shoot, Marie had brought a beautiful black bodysuit type lace that let guess her body while concealing it. Which is perfect for the boudoir photo spirit!

His room had a large window with a nice exposure which was also perfect for having a soft light!

Boudoir photo shoot with Marie

After a few pictures of a warm-up tower with a less sensual outfit to allow Marie to get in the bath, she put on her bodysuit and we could really start the boudoir shoot.

Here are the photos selected for Mary’s boudoir photo shoot:

Here is the boudoir photo shoot is over and Marie is super happy to have made these photos, both for the result and for the relaxed and fun atmosphere of the shoot
. She loved it and besides agreed to do a nude photo shoot that I will publish later in an article.

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