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Among the photo shoots I like to do are those that are called “alternative” or offbeat, in the sense that the place, the appearance of the model or the clothes worn are shifted in relation to each other.
There, for this couple photo shoot, I wanted to do it in a place that I spotted and where I also already did photo shoots (the glamorous fashion photo shoot with Zoe in lingerie / dress).

This was my first duo photo shoot where, unlike a photo shoot with a model, you have to inter-act the models together and give dynamics or tell a story for each of the photos.

First part of the photo duo shoot: rock outfit

For this first part, we decided that the models would start with a more or less rock outfit.

Keri’s hairstyle and long hair and Julian’s tattoos have done a lot in the Rock atmosphere. It was also their first duet shoot.

Change of place (a few meters in fact ^^) to have the walls tagged and allow the models to lean against in order to have a relaxed and slightly casual attitude.

Then a change of outfit: sailor and shorts – white tank top

Part Two: Classy In the Wild

For the second part, the goal was for them to be in evening dress but in the middle of nature so play on the quirky side.

There was a staircase next to one of the abandoned buildings, I had the models sit on the steps each holding a cigarette.

Here the rock duet class shoot is over.

I’m relatively happy with this shoot because it was my first male/female duet photo shoot with a particular theme. Certainly in hindsight I would have done differently, but it’s fine, most photos I like 🙂

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