Pregnancy photo shoot in the Forest with Laetitia

If there’s one of the things I love to do, it’s pregnancy photo shoots and more is in the nature! Apart from this was the case for Laetitia, the mother-to-be in the photos, who seeing my outdoor fashion photos asked me to do a photo shoot specifically for her in the forest to keep a beautiful memory of her pregnancy.

Laetitia is a mom in her twenties who saw my photos on social networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) and contacted me because giving birth in August she absolutely wanted to immortalize the end of her pregnancy by taking pictures in nature in poetic mode (as I like to do), casual (ahah like models) and lingerie (and yes during pregnancy you can also keep your femininity and sensuality)

So here we are in a forest quite diverse in terms of spaces which allowed us to have pictures with a clearing only in a undergrowth. Here are the different outfits and locations of the photo shoot.

Pregnancy photo shoot in the forest – part 1: casual

The English term “casual” in fashion photography means “everyday” clothing so I had asked Laetita to bring nice clothes that she wore every day and that highlighted her belly as well worn as raised in fashion Bra.
So she chose a loose pink skirt and a tight black top.

Pink skirt and tight black top

So we started the pregnancy photo shoot in a clearing where she took several poses both standing, leaning on a tree or sitting.

Pink skirt, pink throat support and denim jacket

Then Laetitia took off her tight black top and swapped it for a denim jacket that made it a little more fashionable. And yes let’s not forget that this is a photo shoot so we might as well play it to the full ^^

In the first three photos we see Laetitia, who has fun because yes I love to laugh during the photo shoots, it allows to relax the atmosphere by not taking yourself seriously and this in order to have natural and relaxed photos 🙂

Pink skirt and floral bra

Just a small change in the chest by putting just a floral bra that especially well with her curly hair.

Pregnancy photo shoot in the forest: part 2 in the heart of nature

What I like about nature photo shoots are the multitude of scenery and nooks and crannies that the ability to shoot outdoors offers. There it was a rounded passage between the trees and we took the opportunity to make Laetitia fit: it made a metaphor for the place of Man in nature: the mother-to-be who carries within her life which is itself carried by Mother Nature.

Change of venue and outfit: black leggin and black bra

There is a change of outfit but also change of place to start the bucolic part. In addition, it allows Laetitia to rest her back and refocus on herself.

I had found a place where there was a ray of sunshine that lit up the foot of a tree, exactly what I wanted to show: the relationship between mom / nature!

Pregnancy photo shoot in the forest: 3rd part lingerie, sensuality and femininity

For this 3rd part, Laetitia agreed to wear a lingerie set in order to highlight her femininity and the sensuality of her shapes.

So we found a place once again near a tree where she could lean and be bathed in light.

Change of location this time near a rock with a very natural background with tangle of shrubs, always with the same black lingerie set.

Pregnancy photo shoot in the forest: 3rd poetic part with white veil

Every time I do a photo shoot outdoor (pregnancy, lingerie or nude), I bring my large white veil which allows me to make poetic or dreamlike photos because I also love to ask clients or models to use their bodies to express or emphasize a particular atmosphere.

Here the pregnancy photo shoot in the forest is over, and Laetitia is absolutely thrilled !!!

If, as she will give birth to you in August or September, I invite you to do the pregnancy photo shoot outdoors rather than at your home. Indeed, it can be done near you, in the forest, in a clearing, near a river or a lake, … there are so many places where you can do it. This allows you to vary the sets, think about it:-)

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