Food photo shoot for VIP Chocolats

VIP Chocolates – aka Vincent PETIOT – is a chocolate artisan from Digne les Bains who creates delicious, what do I say, gorgeous chocolates every and at different times of the year, and this year he asked me to do a food photo shoot to put in light his creations in order to update the photos of the products his website.

Culinary photo shoot - VIP Chocolates - Christmas box set 2019
Christmas box 2019 containing 5 unique pieces

Every year, he creates new chocolates according to his inspiration in order to delight both children and adults. And yes, that’s how it’s all set for everyone.

5 unique and original chocolate pieces

For the 2019 Christmas period, Vincent has chosen to offer a red and white square box containing 25 chocolate pieces: MyChoKo, Milky Truffle, Hazelnut Coffee, Apple Pecan, Thousand-Leaf Way!

5 separate pieces based on chocolate (necessarily!) having their own peculiarities and, I can assure you, they are all delicious because of course I have tasted them all and validated them!

All these pieces are also available in bundled format for those who wish to share their love for chocolate to the greatest number.

The bundle containing 500g of pure happiness<3></3>

Production is limited, I do not hide that it will be necessary to order quickly because the greedy are quite numerous in the basin Dignois 🙂

Food photo shoot to showcase his creations

Here are the photos taken during the food photo shoot that were chosen to illustrate his website:

So want a little chocolate treat? Hurry, there won’t be one for everyone:

Do you need a photographer to showcase your creations, whether they are food or some other kind?

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