Casual photo shoot in the studio with Gaelle

First casual photo shoot in the studio for Gaelle who was looking for a model photographer in order to create a book to present it to modeling agencies.

For his first photo shoot, I advised her to take two different outfits in order to vary the atmosphere of the photos. So she took a casual outfit with the jean and a sexier outfit with the black dress close to the body.

Important note: To build a book, I think you have to do at least 3 shoots that will allow you not only to gain experience but also to vary the outfits and thus atmospheres of the photos (in the studio and outdoors). It is also imperative to ask for the intervention of a make-up artist at the minimum in order to make a make-up suitable for the outfits. The result is obviously more professional with than without makeup or even a basic makeup made by yourself. A
dmittedly, this has an extra cost (contact me to find out the price) but the result is obviously better.
For a photo shoot just for fun, there obviously, the intervention of a makeup artist will not be necessary.

For this photo shoot, the beautiful make-up was done by Angelique Pietrowicz, professional makeup artist.

First part of the causal photo shoot: black dress

Gaelle wanted to start the photo shoot with the black dress because she felt good in it and also because it was simple and effective as they say ^^.

So after a little half an hour of running (*) under my instructions of poses and look, she began to relax and to be able to show a look and a more natural smile.

(*) For beginner models, the first half hour of shooting is necessary and allows you to feel comfortable taking your marks

Second part of the casual photo shoot: jeans and jacket

The second part of the photo shoot with jeans, a white top and a flashy red jacket.

There, the young model feels better and thanks to my talent (yes hey it’s okay, you have to congratulate yourself sometimes ^^) and my jokes, she takes confidence and relaxes enough and I manage to take a picture of her beautiful smile and even her eyes that sparkling, a real treat!

Rate of a photo shoot

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