Photo shoot in a river with Kelly

A photo shoot this time in a river for Kelly who was looking for a model photographer to do an original photo shoot to add a touch of nature to her book.

Sweet river photo shoot with Keky

Kelly is a young model who likes to take pictures for fun and to build her own book, not to distribute it to agencies, but to have beautiful photos of a professional photographer.

After several email exchanges we found the perfect place to do the photo shoot:

  • easily accessible on foot,
  • not too many passers-by (and yes it’s better when there is no one watching because it disturbs the models)
  • a shallow river so as not to be bothered by the current of the water
  • in the forest to have or in a wooded environment in order to have that natural atmosphere

Regarding the outfit we decided in common that a white dress or a light pastel color (very light pink type) would be perfect. I had ordered a flowery wreath from a local florist in order to go perfectly with Kelly’s dress in order to bring a little dreamlike, mystical, elven touch …

The photo shoot took place in the summer (and yes much nicer to put your feet in the water when it’s hot). A few curious passers-by passed ^^but without disturbing us so the shoot was able to run perfectly and Kelly was able to feel comfortable and put herself in the skin of her character.

So we shot for a little over an hour which allowed us to take all the necessary pictures in the hundred meters of the river bed that was usable otherwise the water level was too high.

Here are the photos selected from the river photo shoot with Kelly for her book:

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