Photo and video report of Iris flowers for Adopt Parfums

Adopt Parfum, the French perfume brand, ordered me a photo report and a video report of their production of iris flower in order to prepare their communication on their new perfume.

reportage photo adopt parfum fleurs iris - lumière douce

Preparation of the report

For this photo report, Adopt Parfum needed photos and videos to prepare the release of one of their new perfume based on the scent of Iris flower.

To do this, it was necessary not only to schedule the meeting with the producers (a Gaec located on the Valensole plateau in the Alpes de Haute Provence) but also with a French company specializing in the capture and synthesis of odorous molecules and the creation of beauty products.

They wanted photo and video shots of the flowers, the iris field, the farmers, the person who will pick up the scent on a flower, … all taken during “golden hour” i.e. carried out at the end of the day and also at dawn.

A good program!

Photo, video and drone report at the end of the day

The first part of the report was made in May at the end of the afternoon, around 6 p.m., in order to have the soft and warm light at the end of the day, the famous golden hour which allows you to play with the sun in order to have beautiful shadows.

I made both close, medium and wide shots, in photo, video and also in drone.

Photo, video and drone report at the start of the day

The morning light is more bluish and colder than that at the end of the day, so Adopt Parfums also wanted me to shoot early in the morning in order to capture this light and thus be able to play on the atmosphere that emanates from the Pictures.

It was this morning that I was able to take pictures of the farmers as well as the person in charge of capturing the scents of the iris flower.

I only publish certain photos from this photo/video/drone report so as not to reveal the content of the promotional campaign for the future perfume.

To give figures, there were 300 retouched photos as well as 74 video rushes (DSLR and drone).
Adopt Parfum didn’t ask me to do the video editing because they already use a communication agency for their own product with their own office specializing in video.

Do you need a photographer/videographer to take photos, videos, drone views to improve your communication?

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