Video report of La Campagne St Lazare in Forcalquier

I made a video report at La Campagne St Lazare, this magnificent place, a natural setting a few steps from the city center of Forcalquier.

The manager needed a new video to show everything she offers (lodgings, spa) but above all to promote the restaurant and the vegetable cuisine of Chef Barbara CHAMANT.

Indeed, his dishes are composed exclusively of produce from his vegetable garden: vegetables and flowers from Provence.

Preparation for filming

First of all, the preparation of the shooting is essential because the most important thing is to determine what is the message and the atmosphere that the client wishes to share through the video.

Once the message and the mood had been defined, I was able to start writing the script in order not only to show the client what the final cut would look like, but also it allowed me to prepare shot by shot in order to know exactly how to film what where when and how.


The shooting took place on Friday July 1st at the very beginning of the afternoon in order to have the maximum brightness and color saturation.

I made the plans originally planned and made some additional plans that I found interesting.

The shooting lasted between 3 to 4 hours, the time to also take photos and I finished around 6 p.m. The light being softer and the sun lower, I was able to obtain a good panel of different luminosity throughout the afternoon.

Editing et debriefing

The editing was done fairly quickly because the scenario had already been validated by the client.

Only a few small details such as music, adding/removing texts, placing logos were discussed and then validated.

Video exporting

The video was exported in low and high quality (variable then fixed bitrate) so that the client could either export it to Youtube, her Facebook page or display it directly on her website.

Here is the final video of La Campagne St Lazare :

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