Norwegian family photo shoot in studio

It was not a family but two Norwegian families who contacted me because being passing they wanted to mark the event by doing a family photo shoot.

Family photo shoot in the studio

Outdoor and studio photo shoot

Initially planned outdoors, the photo shoot took place in the studio due to the weather conditions.

A photo shoot for both children and parents

The parents were accompanied by their children and they all took to the game and had a really good time, especially the children.

Having two children myself, I love taking pictures of them and I know how to make them smile and have fun in order to have natural and funny photos.

Family photo shoot in the studio
Family photo shoot in the studio
Family photo shoot in the studio

The photo shoot was mostly for the kids as they were in front of the lens 90% of the time but they really enjoyed it and even the parents who were right behind me laughed too.

In summary a family photo shoot in the studio where everyone had fun as well adults, children and me too 🙂

Here are some of the photos retouched and delivered:

Interested in a family photo shoot?

Generally the family or child photo shoots takes place outdoors because I prefer to leave space to move, express yourself, and in addition you can also change places in order to vary the décor (forest, river, beach, alley,
garden, …) You can also do the photo shoot indoors (or studio) if you prefer or if the weather conditions do not allow to do it outdoors.

Price of the family photo shoot

The price of a family photo shoot is 200 euros for 1 hour to 2 photo shoots and 10 photos retouched and delivered in digital format (JPEG). You will thus have all the photos of the photo shoot, including the ones I will retouch.


    Contactez-moi directement par téléphone au 06 16 56 46 33 ou via le formulaire ci-dessous :

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