Fashion photo shoot with Mathilde in Digne-les Bains

Mathilde and I had talked about doing a photo shoot together on Digne-les-Bains because this city has a number of elements that allow you to vary the spirit of the photos (buildings, trees, river, sports field, …)

Preparing for the photo shoot

At first we discussed the types of clothes That Mathilde should wear. Our choice was fashion, casual and streetwear.

Then, for my part, I analyzed the different places that I consider photogenic and I connected these places to the clothes that Mathilde would wear.

How the photo shoot unfolded

On the day of the photo shoot, Mathilde was accompanied by one of her best friends to reassure her as it was her first s
hoot. So we started with the old Digne near St. Jerome’s Cathedral with a streetwear outfit.

Then I wanted to have an urban spirit with a lot of concrete and what we had on a multi-sports field and Mathilde outfits:

Then we used a tunnel filled with graffiti in order to have a hyper colorful decorations

We continued on the urban theme and colorful with the graffiti and the concrete side of the skate park of Digne-les-Bains

And we also took advantage of the proximity of the Bléone to finish the photo shoot with our feet in the water. What I wanted was to have the bridge in the field of view as well or to show only the rest of the wheat along the wharf.

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