Christelle and Philippe's wedding

Christelle and Philippe said YES in 2019 but before that they had to choose their provider and especially the one that counts both during the wedding and after: the wedding photographer!

After viewing different photos and contacting different photographers, Christelle and Philippe decided to meet me in 2018 in a bar in the city of les Mées because being located in the middle between their and my home.

Preparing the groom

Both living on Manosque, they both prepared in different houses but located 500m apart (practical for the photographer;-))

So I started with Philip who prepared with his brother and witness.

Preparing the bride

Then I left for the home of Christelle’s parents in Manosque to photograph her preparation from makeup, hairdressing to the wedding dress.

Civil ceremony at the town hall of Manoque

Then all the family and friends waited impatiently for the bride and groom in front of the town hall of Manosque. Laughter and kisses were on hand while waiting for Christelle to arrive in the Beetle.

Arrival at the Grand Logisson for the rest of the wedding

Then everyone followed the bride and groom in a large procession of cars from Manosque to the Grand Logisson.

Secular ceremony

The lay ceremony was performed by a friend and the witnesses followed one another to give a speech that was as amusing as it was moving.

Photos of the bride and groom

The pictures of the happy and newlyweds was then taken right next to the place of the secular ceremony (quite practical in fact). For the photos of the bride and groom I like to make several types of photos: cocoon photos between lovers (and yes it’s normal), stylish artistic photos and fun photos. This allows you to have a good panel of photos for the bride and groom.

Group photos

And yes wedding photos are not done without the famous group photos. So I found a nice thing to do is for each group I make a serious photo and a total crazy one. This makes it possible to laugh both at the time and after when the bride and groom will look at the pictures 🙂

(I didn’t put all the groups, just a few to illustrate my sentence)

The bouquet throw

And yes wedding also does not happen without the bouquet throw, moreover much awaited by the brides-to-be

The wine reception

The period of the wine reception is often complicated because everyone is either drinking or eating. So we have to find a niche to have more or less all the people in a group not being eating so as not to break the flow, the atmosphere, …

The beginning of the dinner party

Christelle and Philippe were greeted with fervor by their guests and then the entertainment went on between the different dishes

The prom opening

Christelle and Philippe were able to open the famous ball that followed with lively music tracks

The wedding cake

And yes the wedding cake that from time to time sees the characters customized …

Night wedding photos

And we took advantage of the fact that there are little lights outside in order to complete the couple photo shoot of the bride and groom … It’s a treat!

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