Fashion Lingerie photo shoot with Zoe in a disused area

I contacted Zoe, one of the models I like to shoot, because I wanted to do a fashion photo shoot in a quirky style and this in a place I like because there is both the nature aspect with the surrounding forest as the post apocalyptic aspect with the various abandoned and tagged houses.

Part 1 of the shoot: the shorty head of death

In terms of outfits, Zoe had recently bought the first outfit with the skull shorty with the pink flower. She took a fuchsia pink bra for the flashy side. An impeccable outfit to start the photo shoot!

Part 2 of the shoot: red lingerie set

Then Zoe took a red lingerie set that contrasts enormously with the environment so perfect for the style I wanted to give to the photos!

From a photographic point of view, what I liked to do is use a wide angle and play on the framing: a real treat! Especially since Zoe knows perfectly how to pose so excellent for the photographer who just has to focus on light and framing !!!

Part 3 of the shoot: classic black dress and forest environment

I also wanted to enjoy the proximity to the forest so I asked Zoe if she had a classy or classic dress to contrast with the nature side.

There, in the same way, I played on the framing and lighting effects with the sun that was almost in front of me.

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