Studio Casual Fashion Photo Shoot with Celia

A little casual fashion photo shoot in the studio this time with Célia. She wanted to take pictures with a real fashion photographer for her own pleasure and why not send her to modeling agencies.

Celia is a young woman in her twenties who decided to launch herself because she always wanted to do a photo shoot in the studio with a professional fashion photographer.

After a few exchanges by email to prepare the photo shoot: outfits, makeup and accessories, we decided that two causal fashion outfits would be perfect for her first photo shoot.

So she chose two outfits: a pretty tight red dress and a stylish black shorts and floral patterned top.

Studio Casual Fashion Photo Shoot: 1st outfit – the red dress

After only 5 minutes of shooting, Célia immediately felt at ease and was able to perform the poses and attitudes I told her to take as well as let go and do her own poses.

Regarding the poses and attitudes in general, you have to understand that posing in front of a professional photographer is obviously not natural. You just have to tell you that this is just a game and you have to play a role that is not your own personality.
This allows you to let go by not thinking about what you are doing and to have fun playing a role of model during a photo shoot.
Rest assured I’m here to guide you and make you laugh throughout the photo shoot to make great pictures!
And who knows, if you like it and you’re spotted by a modeling agency😉

Here are the pictures of Celia and her famous red dress:

Studio Casual Fashion Photo Shoot: 2nd outfit – black shorts and floral top

For the second outfit of the photo shoot in the studio, Célia brought a black short that I find very stylish as well as a floral top going perfectly well together.

The outfit works visually well and Celia, now totally at ease, manages to perform all the poses and attitudes specific to casual fashion photo shoot.

Here is the casual fashion studio photo shoot is over and Celia is absolutely delighted. Not only delighted with the photos she loves but also delighted with the friendly time spent posing and laughing. Yes I also insist that we do not take ourselves seriously and that we laugh during photo shoots!

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