Rates and formulas for a wedding photo report

How much does a wedding photo report cost?

Big question, isn’t it?

Indeed, the price of a wedding photo report depends on so many parameters that it is almost impossible to give a fixed rate immediately:

  • The length of the photo report,
  • Travel costs,
  • a USB key or a key box – print,
  • a photo album,
  • The version of the photo album,
  • need to print more photos,
  • a video clip,
  • offer a photo album for your respective parents,

Here’s why each wedding photo report has a different rate: because you want different things compared to other brides and grooms.

Yes, but do you have many packages to rely on?

That’s right!

I offer 3 wedding photo reporting packages that cover most cases:

  • The Zamoureux: from the town hall to the wine reception of honour
  • Love Always: from the preparation of the bride and groom to the wine reception OR from the town hall to the wedding cake
  • Love Love Love: from the preparation of the bride and groom to the wedding cake

Each of these formulas has additional specificities and options compared to the previous formula.

Here are the 3 packages in detail:

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Wedding photo albums

I also offer different wedding photo album finishes, ranging from a price of 150 to 450 euros.

The price depends on the number of pages, the format, the material of the cover, the grammage and the finish of the pages, the presence of a box, …

Generally I make a wedding photo album for the bride and groom but I also happened to make 2 mini wedding photo album for the respective parents. This is a great thank you gift… think about it;-)

Video of the wedding

Some bride and groom ask me if I can film their wedding.
Yes of course, I know how to film and do the editing.
Besides you have some examples on the Wedding Photographer page of my site.
So I shoot alternately with the photos. We discuss upstream if you have any preferences as to which scenes you absolutely want to have in video … or else you let me do it!

The price for a wedding video is 450 euros which includes shooting on D-Day, derushing and final editing.

The opinions of the bride and groom on my wedding photographer performance 🙂

Because nothing beats the opinion of people who trusted me to do the photo reportage of their own wedding, you can read their opinion on the page Notices of the bride and groom.

List of recent wedding photo reports

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