Casual fashion photo shoot with Marie

Marie a young model wishing to improve her book in order to present it to the various agencies contacted me in order to do a fashion casual photo shoot.

Before the photo shoot, we decide together what will be the themes that we will do: fashion/casual, artistic, lingerie, nude, ….
Then we discuss together the outfits to take as well as the accessories (collars, hats …) that can add a little extra to the outfits.

So for this shoot, the theme was fashion/casual, that is, the outfits must be in the fashion spirit (either conventional or avant-garde) and in the casual spirit ie urban/relaxed clothing.

We decided to do the photo shoot in the studio because she just wanted pictures of this type. I then suggested to him to do another photo shoot but this time outside in order to vary the photos of the book. This is what we will do later (I’ll write an article later)

Fashion photo shoot

For the “fashion” style, Marie took several dresses a white and pink ensemble, a black dress and a red dress. It’s really important to have complete outfits like dresses/high heels or even to make style mixes (as in fashion week!)

Casual photo shoot

Then as agreed we switched to the casual part so with more urban or more common clothing (casual means casual). So she took several outfits in order to play her cool and playing on the sexy side also with her denim shorts and her pink tank top.

And a touch of originality and sexy

I also like to suggest to the models that they wear clothes that do not go especially with and I asked her that she take a swimsuit top for the sexy side with the denim shorts.
I think it makes it particularly good 🙂

Sexu photo shoot shorts swimsuit in studio

Rate of a photo shoot

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