Boudoir photo shoot with Alexie

Alexie, a confirmed model, contacted me to do a boudoir photo shoot because she wanted to vary the photos of her book. And it was good because I too need to renew my pictures!

Boudoir photo shoot with Alexie

We decided to do the boudoir photo shoot in his own apartment. So I took my photographic equipment as well as my mobile photo studio equipment in order to make some typical studio photos.

So we started the photo shoot in the room as it had very good exposure and the walls were white, which allowed for a very good uniform light.

Alexia donned two different outfits for bedroom: semi-transparent blouses to suggest her shapes and not show them;-)

And then, after installing the equipment for the studio part, we decided that Alexie would only wear her shorty and hide her chest with her hands or hair. For my part I lit Alexia aside to emphasize her forms.

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