Shooting Packshot Flowers for Infinity Monte Carlo

The company Infinity Monte Carlo was looking for a Photographer Packshot Flowers to highlight their new range.

The manager contacted me recently to make pictures of all their products: bouquets of flowers in beautiful cardboard containers or Plexiglas.

The company Infinité Monte Carlo specializes in high-end flower boxes, whether for impromptu gifts or phenomenal surprises (a customer had ordered hundreds of roses that had filled everything in apartment on Monaco!)

So I moved with all my portable studio equipment directly to their premises on Monte Carlo: studio flashes, different light boxes, reflectors, tripods for flashes as well as my camera, I also used a MacBook Pro to control each shot directly on the spot.

The photo shoot lasted about 4 hours as there were different packaging and for each packaging 3 to 4 different
sizes. The longest was like any packshot to find the best angle for each product and the removal of any defect but this was not obvious with rose petals that are sometimes difficult to master.

The shoot finished I sorted, balanced the photos and then sent the selection via a web gallery to the client with whom she chooses the bes
t photos. I then spent a day doing the retouching on Photoshop to give them an impeccable rendering.

The company Infinité Monte Carlo now uses these photos on all media: website, Facebook, Twitter, commercial brochures, business cards, …

It was an original photo shoot because photographing flowers is quite rare but especially because between the photo series I was able to taste delicious homemade macaroons!

Red roses

Purple Roses

Rose Roses

I Love U Set

Roses in a round and white package

White roses

Photos of roses in different packaging

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