Shooting Glamour Sexy Chic with Chloe

A photo shoot in the studio this time in two parts: the first part was based on the Glamour Sexy Chic side and the second part rather focused on nude and the use of a large white veil to hide or show on certain parts of her body.

Chloe is an experienced model who has been very good at taking different poses and showing different facial expressions. The result is a pretty punchy but fine set of photos.

First part, glamour sexy chic photos

We wanted to have a mix of clothes which make an alternative fashion look so she took her false fur coat and some stockings

Mixed clothes

We also did some tests shots of her wearing some various clothes, here are the selected ones:

Last part: The nude with the veil

Here is the last part of the studio photo shoot with Chloe naked and using the veil: really nice isn’t it?

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