Photo stage on Digne-les-Bains

Are you looking for a photo internship on Digne-les-Bains because you love photography and you are looking to improve? Or you've been offered a great camera but you don't know how to use it…

Are you also looking for an original gift to give to your loved one? It's a good thing: I also offer vouchers for photo internships;-)

I offer a number of photo internships throughout the year on Digne-les-Bains to allow those who wish to learn or improve in photography.

Who are the photo workshops for?

  • The photo workshops are aimed at those who like to take pictures and who would like to improve both technically and artistically.
    Have you been using your camera for several years?
    Well you'll be able to you'll be surprised by the things we'll make him do.
  • You've been offered a new camera and you feel lost with all these buttons and extended men
    us? No worries, we'll see together what's important at first and how to use it to have fun and create great photos.

How the photo workshop unfolds

We meet at a specific time and point (for example at 9am in front of the Kiosk Place Général De Gaulle in Digne), we gather and then we spend a little hour demystifying the basic principles of optics and photography (Speed, Overture , Sensitivity, Rule of Thirds, …).
Then we travel through the streets and alleys of Digne-les-Bains to test and put your new knowledge into practice.

During the photo workshop we try to cover as many types of photography as possible: portrait, landscape, urban, architecture, … And for each type, I show you how we can integrate the rules of photography in order to transform a banal photo into an artistic photo. And yes: you,
me, anyone can be an artist (yes I know it starts a philosophical discussion …) Because in my opinion as soon as there is an intention, there is creation and suddenly it becomes an artistic approach (as small as it is).

Length of photo placement

A photo workshop on Digne-les-Bains lasts from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 7 hours of photo training.
In the morning we approach the theoretical side with a little practice, then we take an hour's break to eat and then talk about photography and many other things, and we continue on practice all afternoon.

Price and booking of the photo course

To book your photo internship there are several ways: by CB, Paypal or by check.
I can of course make a good gift: for this, please specify it during the booking process in the "comment" field.

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If you have any questions about photo internships, I invite you to contact me via the form below:

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