Photo documentary of a library for Art menuiserie 04

There are some craftsmen who do not rest on their laurels and seek, innovate, with the aim of constantly improving.

This is the case of Art Menuiserie 04, which for years has been offering its experience on various projects for both professionals and individuals: interior shop fittings, kitchens, stairs, etc.

library back view logo t-shirt art menuiserie 04

They contacted me because they wish to communicate on their creations and in particular those which are the most important, in particular an immense library which was ordered to them and whose installation was carried out at the beginning of the year: a bookshelf of 5 meters of height and which extends over 3 walls!

Unable to take correct photos because of the non-standard dimensions and colorimetry problems because of the natural light and those of the integrated LEDs, they called on my services to carry out a photo report worthy of this superb library.

You sell objects or services, you create your own works and you want to have professional quality photos/videos? Contact me

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