Ian Dubelaar on October 18, 2010 12:31 pm. Undistinguishable: This word does NOT exist, as far as any scholar is concerned — it is viewed as a spelling mistake. I rather like old-fashioned words and am particularly upset that we all spell ‘lettuce’ ‘lettuce’ instead of ‘lettice’ but no one will allow me to use the old spelling.

Michael: Same as above. endeavour,effort? We now seem to be cursed with a spelling that continues turn up like like a fungal body itch. I believe compleat is an archaic spelling of the word complete, used for the somewhat dubious cuteness it may generate. Inquire is an investigation. It seems to rain と ようだ You need to remove that apostrophe, stop getting things wrong (if you’re a pedant), stop being sarcastic (just anyway) and stop using ellipses when they are not needed, and just aim to make you sound more reflective than you are. (e)(1)(A)) AND Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S.Congress However, in American English (don’t know about others) compleat has remained and taken on a distinctive meaning of “masterful” or “supremely accopmlished”. In American English the 2 are the same. So I was taught, in the UK, in school perhaps 60 years ago. Given the chance, most people, specifically Americans, would prefer to reduce language to a manageable batch of 200 words describing everything of importance to their life, with the F-word being ideally suited for replacing over 30% of all words GB/US words without even leading to serious discussions over spelling.

ask O for ~もよく用いられます。 e.g. The mod. I thought her pink lampshades worthy of compliment but her use of dead animals to complement them less happy as an interior design feature.

誠実に感謝の気持ちをお届けしたい場合は、 I guess that explains how “American English” (as opposed to “English English”) has dropped the ‘u’ in colour, favour, armour etc. The corresponding noun is enquiry or inquiry.

enquireという単語とは異なり、inquireという単語は頻繁に使用されます前置詞「into」によって。これは、2つの単語の重要な違いです。さらに、実際には問い合わせはアメリカ英語でより一般的です。 Inquire … PS. jbee650: But the words’ history really isn’t relevant here. It is the British who’ve invented an atrocity like “jewellery”, in place of the much older and perfectly adequate “jewelry”—thankfully maintained in America. who have mushed and “reduced” the distinction between got and gotten. Not just getting them wrong. This is only true in American English (See Also: Retardese). where ‘right’ is just one thing about ‘it’, not its overweening property, from which ‘it’ and its property are indistinguishable (ha); where the one IS the other (the day is sunny) and defined in and by those terms. これは、丁寧さを出したいと言うフィーリングを出した表現とは言えなく畏まった、硬いビジネス文書によく使われる表現で、一般的・日常的会話表現をするビジネスメールとは違うんだよ、と言うフィーリングを出しています。 L8r dudes…. A sad statement, but one proven over and over.”.

English does a lot of shortening of terms from descriptive sentences to combined syllables from the sentence into an often brand-new world. "The police have begun a formal inquiry into the death of the man" Blessing: Compliment is when you offer someone (or something) praise and complement is when something goes attractively or satisfyingly with something else, viz. Inquire is more common in the US. The government inquired into Donald Trumps taxes.

(NB: The words "enquiry" and "inquiry" also have associated verbs ("to enquire" and "to inquire"). Enquire is a simple question. 日本語のようにビジネス敬語を「親しい中に礼儀あり」を貫いて使っているのと違いこちらではほとんど日常会話的表現を使う傾向にありますがこの表現をして「まだ、日常的会話表現を使えるような間柄とは私は感じて...続きを読む, ビジネスレターで、面識の全くない相手にメールで質問をしたいとき、「突然のメール失礼いたします」と書き出したいのですが、何といえばいいでしょうか。英語にも決まった形式があれば教えてください。因みに、

However, the Guardian (a British newspaper) tells writers to “use inquiry” and the Oxford English Dictionary seems to recognise inquire as the more dominant form, deeming enquiry: ”An alternative form of INQUIRE. 質問どおり、どうしても書きたいというのであれば、簡単に、 I have not had any communition with you before but we need,,,,and appreicate it if you get back to us with any answers or suggestion/advice,,,,,,

以上、よろしくお願いいたします。, for ~は「~を求めて」で後には求める「もの」か jermaineac, phonetically we would say it something close to Al-a-min-e-um.

To Enquire is to ask a general question: I suspect the folks insisting it’s just wrong are UK residents, to whom it is. この言い方「お名前を伺っていいですか?」はOKなのか?と確認してみましたが、文法上は問題ないそうですが誰もそんな言い方はしないそうです…。, inquireとrequestは似たような意味になりますが、シンプルな文章だと多少ニュアンスが違って伝わります。, 引退してしまった安室奈美恵さんの名曲で、結婚式でも広く歌われる『CAN YOU …, 外国人に対して「foreigner(フォーリナー)」と表現することに対しては、肯…, 仮予約の英語を考える際に問題になるのは、そもそも「仮予約とは何か?」の定義や「普…, cultural appropriationは「文化の盗用」と訳されることが多い…, この記事では日本で「イギリス」や「英国」と呼ばれるものが何を指しているのかを整理…. The common counter that three Ss “looks ugly” doesn’t seem relevant in the least.

enquire (尋ねる) = ask a question. などは×でしょうか。正式な表現を教えて下さい。よろしくお願いします。, アメリカに35年ほど住んでいる者です。 Whereas I like the Guardian, I’d say it’s middle of where the road SHOULD be. Indistinguishable is also a word with a very subtle but discrete meaning. であれば、「ドアの方へ行け」です。 The point being, there is no historical argument for the “corruption” of meaning of the words, or the precedent of the I vs. the E spellings. Different places use different spellings. http://homepage3.nifty.com/MIL/butand.html Interesting that your entry used “fruit and veg” as an example.

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